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    • The Action Trackchair provides great traction that gives you the possibility of exciting adventure. With this all-terrain wheelchair you will be on your way to the ultimate off-road experience traversing over numerous types of terrain. 

    • With a wealth of experience within the wheelchair industry, All Terrain Wheelchairs has the main objective to empower people with a physical challenge and give them access to the great outdoors. We believe we offer 3 of the most versatile & exciting power chairs you will come across, as well as some exciting manual chairs designed for the beach & woodland. 

    • The HexHog was created to challenge terrain accessibility of conventional wheelchairs, and provide equal opportunities for wheelchair users to safely access areas of countryside previously considered inaccessible. 

    • Tankchair and Speedster were created by a combat veteran of two theaters of combat to assist his wife’s mobility after her injury. Tankchair is designed for outdoor activities, while Speedster is designed for urban and indoor use.  That loving gesture has evolved into a company that now provides greatly improved chairs to people in similar conditions around the world. Tankchair is an extremely capable machine that will allow those that need mobility assistance to personally experience the outdoors again.  Speedster enables the user to get off the sidewalk and back onto the road.  Both Tankchair and Speedster are proudly made in USA.

    • This all-terrain TracFab Wheelchair is perfect for hunting, fishing, paintball, camping, and hiking. 

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