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    • Beachrings2 - a beach wheelchair alternative - is a portable, reusable, temporary boardwalk and access mat system. Beachrings2 can be used for flooring and walkways on many different outdoor surfaces including sand, mud, grass, shallow snow, and loose gravel.

    • Features various mobility aids for the beach and a listing of beaches that have the De-Bug Beach Chair available for visitors.

    • Towed, pushed or self-propelled, the easy to manoeuvre Hippocampe enables you to turn obstacles into opportunities whether you’re on the beach, rambling in the woods or out on the piste. Designed by disabled people for disabled people, Hippocampe enables everyone - of any age - to enjoy outdoor activities to their full ability. In short, Hippocampe puts the fun into function.

    • Custom motorized and manual wheelchairs along with Unique accessibility products for camping, beach and all-terrain access.

    • The Mobi-Chair Floating Beach Wheelchair is an innovative and comfortable mobility aid specifically designed to allow individuals with limited mobility, injuries or paraplegia to enjoy the surf and beach safely. Inflated pneumatic tires, buoyant armrests and an adjustable reclining seat all provide a balanced and stable flotation base, which not only offers support, but a sense of security as well. 

    • Deschamps mobile ADA Beach Access Mats are designed to create removable ADA compliant pathways for disabled people traffic as well as floating beach wheelchair traffic in sensitive areas such as Sand & Beaches, Lakes & Parks, Hotels & Resorts, Cemeteries, Golf Courses, Ski Resorts and other natural sites.

    • Sofao is an adaptive swimming flotation chair / sit-swimming solution manoeuvred by a volunteer guide that enables even the most heavily mobility-challenged children or adults (muscular dystrophy sufferers, multiple sclerosis sufferers, quadriplegics) to swim and bathe in swimming pools and in the sea. Once back out of the water, Sofao doubles up as a comfortable recliner to lie down and dry off in the sun, thanks to its foldaway armrests and reclining backrest.

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    • 06/30/2014 - 9:00am
      Summer is here and traditionally it is the time when individuals and families take vacations to unwind and relax. There are multiple destinations to choose from, but for many it is usually a pilgrimage to the beach that satisfies their need for a...

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