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    • Most spinal cord injury survivors who are used to driving a car aren’t too excited about switching to a modified van. “They’re too big. They’re too expensive. They’re not very sporty or fun. They’re too hard to drive.” Sound like you? If so, you may have even more reasons not to switch. Yet, increasing hassles, pain and fatigue may be telling you otherwise.

    • FSCIRC factsheet of resources for funding vehicle modifications.

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    • Adapt Solutions features innovative lift systems for vans and trucks. They have driver seats that lower and lifts that allow you to store your chair behind the passenger seat. Adapt Solutions is also the manufacturer of the POWER PULL, which is a wheelchair & passenger ramp assist system. With the use of an electronically controlled retractable cable and remote control, the person in the chair can attach their wheelchair to the POWER PULL from outside the vehicle. The cable is attached to the left and right side of the front of the wheelchair. Once they are positioned on the bottom of the wheelchair ramp, with the push of a button the cable begins to slowly pull them into the vehicle. The cable can be stopped at any time if the person feels they need to re-straighten the wheelchair before continuing.

    • Auto Mobility Sales has been serving people with disabilities in all of Southeast Florida for many years. We serve Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach and surrounding areas. AMS has the largest selection of wheelchair accessible vans, full size handicap vans with lifts, wheelchair lifts and other mobility vehicles for sale in FL.

    • The worlds largest selection of wheelchair vans for sale in one place.

    • Bruno Independent Living Aids is a global manufacturer of accessibility products designed to enhance the lives of those challenged by limited mobility. For the transportation of personal mobility devices – wheelchairs, scooters and power chairs – Bruno has designed a comprehensive selection of Vehicle Lifts to accommodate almost any automotive vehicle. And, our award-winning Turning Automotive Seating helps you get into and out of your vehicle with ease. Bruno’s selection of straight rail and custom curved rail Stairlifts, and Vertical Platform Lifts provides effortless access in the home.

    • The nations #1 "for sale by owner" resource for buying and selling adaptive vehicles and equipment.

    • The Scott Driving System has been developed over the last 40 years and is a complete system which permits the physically challenged to safely perform all driving tasks without assistance, including entering and leaving the vehicle. The system provides for safe extended mobility for the driver who must remain in his or her wheelchair while driving. The system has been successful in a variety of disabilities. Patients with post polio, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal atrophy and spinal cord injury up to C4/C5 are successfully driving on a daily basis.

    • Kempf adapts handicap vehicles with digital car hand controls, electronic left foot gas pedals and other handicap driving aids using leading edge technology.

    • Autoadapt occupies a leading position in the rapidly growing market for adaptation of automobiles for the elderly and people with physical disabilities from their head office in Sweden.

    • Mobility Freedom specializes in all types of wheelchair vans.  We are proud to offer our clients a complete inventory of wheelchair accessible vans to our customers in the Orlando, Tampa, Edgewater areas and most of Florida. We sell used full size handicap vans as well as used mini handicap vans, as well as new full size wheelchair vans as well as new mini wheelchair van.

    • Mobility Works is America's largest provider of wheelchair vans, vehicle modifications, and adaptive equipment including hand controls, wheelchair and scooter lifts, ramps, raised doors, lowered floors and specialized gas, brake and steering controls. Over 350 accessible vehicles, from manufacturers such as Braun and Viewpoint, are in stock throughout our 12 East Coast locations.

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      May 2014 will mark the 3rd annual celebration of National Mobility Awareness Month. In conjunction with National Mobility Awareness Month, the National Mobility Equipment Dealer’s Association (NMEDA) urges “local heroes” — those...

    • 01/26/2012 - 10:31am
      by Justin Stark Whether you are newly injured and looking to purchase your first modified vehicle or just in the market for something different, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, such as cost, vehicle preference, equipment...

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