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    • Discusses the topics to consider in selecting a wheelchair that will best serve one's individual needs. Includes a Buyer's Checklist, self-assessment questions, and a list of resources, including manufacturers.

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    • Unlike most wheelchair companies, who churn out their products on an assembly line, every BOX Wheelchair is hand-built from start to finish by a single craftsman not driven by $ signs, but by your requirements to obtain a superior quality wheelchair! BOX doesn’t cut corners, because you demand the best and BOX refuses to build you anything short of that! BOX Wheelchairs are built from the ground up and each build is tailored to your specific needs. All BOX Wheelchairs come mounted with only the finest performance equipment, and some equipment options are available.

    • Made in the U.K. and constructed almost entirely from F1 spec carbon fibre to the customers sizing and configuration requirements. The full carbon fibre form gives outstanding ease of pushing with integral shock absorbing properties for smooth, minimal vibration rolling. A stunning design that is a robust and trusted workhorse for the most active user. 

    • Colours mission is to enhance the lifestyle of the disabled and surrounding population. We are focused on the development and sale of products serving the disabled. We hereby serve notice to the world that Colours is a passport to living and celebrating life in a way previously unimaginable. Not only do we produce the best products in the world we have succeeded in creating a cool lifestyle that goes with the product.

    • The Evacu-Trac CD-7, provides safe and simple emergency evacuation for the mobility impaired. During an emergency even most elevators are disabled (for safety reasons). This poses a problem when evacuating wheelchair users and other mobility impaired persons from school storey floors and above. The Evacu-Trac Emergency Evacuation chair has a patented brake and speed governor making this chair very safe and simple to use.

    • The Icon is adjustable to let you “dial-in” that perfect fit. You don’t need to worry about having to choose permanent specifications that can never be changed after a chair is built.

      Our suspension design allows it to be set to your exact weight. The compression and rebound can both be tuned to reduce fatigue and give you a custom ride over the bumps of everyday life. There is also a lock-out option for those times when you don’t want suspension. The modularity of the Icon offers flexibility to change every component, including wheel sizes, and maintain the geometry that’s best for you.

    • Invacare manufactures and markets durable and economical manual wheelchairs for sports, recreation and everyday use. Invacare also offers the broadest range of drive options including front-, center- and rear-wheel drive. Invacare wheelchairs are known for exceptional maneuverability, stability and power.

    • Ki Mobility focuses on designing lightweight folding wheelchairs that respond like a rigid chair. We feature the Catalyst line, the most responsive folding frame on the market. We understand that a functioning chair is not an option, it’s a necessity, and we take great pride in responding quickly to requests so you can get back to your day as soon as possible. You should be enabled by your wheelchair rather than confined by it.

    • We strive to produce completely custom, high quality, highly functional, great looking wheelchairs and sports equipment. We build our magnesium and aluminum frame wheelchairs one at a time to the exacting demands of our customers. Your happiness is our ultimate goal.

    • The Panthera X is the lightest wheelchair ever made. Made in Sweden, the carbon fiber frame only weighs 9lbs with the wheels. The Panthera X is distributed in the U.S.exclusively  through Triumph Mobiliity, Inc.

    • Permobil will develop, manufacture and market powered wheelchairs and transport and communication systems for people with functional disabilities. Our products must lead where quality, performance, safety, and function are concerned in order to provide users with the best possible compensation for their disabilities.

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