Gas Pumping Bill Signed Into Law

In June, Governor Scott signed almost 100 bills into law. Although you may not have combed through each to determine which bills will affect your life, we would like to bring to your attention CS/HB 7005. It is a transportation bill and the portion of the bill that we would like to highlight begins on page 67.
If you are a motorist with a mobility impairment, especially one requiring the use of a wheelchair, then you likely have encountered the difficulty of refueling at a gas station. Some of the challenges a motorist might face include broken or uneven pavement, nozzles that are out of reach, credit card slots that are too high and the potential risk of being hit by a driver who may not see you. The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and Florida Statute 526.141 requires service stations with at least two employees to provide refueling assistance to disabled motorists, but how to notify the service station staff of the need has been the challenge. 
This bill addresses the challenge by requiring service stations to affix a decal to each pump. The decal must be in blue, at least 15 square inches, clearly display the international symbol of accessibility, list the telephone number of the service station and have the words “call for assistance” or “assistance available upon request.” The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services must confirm all stations are in compliance by July 1, 2016. This is great news for those of us with a disability and we are already seeing this being implemented throughout the state.