University Accessibility after Spinal Cord Injury Video

What is it like to attend a college or university after spinal cord injury? The biggest hurdle is often your perception or confidence in yourself. Believe you can do it and you can! Once you make the decision that you are ready to attend college, your campus disability services office is available to help with the details. These professionals will coordinate academic accommodations, such as accessible classrooms, note- and test-taking assistance, and e-books, as well as environmental accessibility for classrooms, dorms and on-campus transportation. See the attached guide for questions you might want to ask of the disability services office at colleges that interest you. Students who have attended school after injury also enjoy the social aspects of college life – participation in sports, clubs, theater and Greek life, as well as making new friends. We encourage students with disabilities to give higher education a try and discover that you will like what you see! 

The Shepherd Center has produced a video called "University Accessibility after Spinal Cord Injury" answering many of the questions a person with a SCI would have about attending college.

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